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Aluminium Raceways

Aluminium Raceways

We design Aluminum Raceways that are used in distribution of power and telecom cables. These are made from the finest aluminum metal and are suited for lighter cables. It is robust in built, corrosion free and protective from all kinds of moisture.

The raceways provide the safer distribution of channels for multiple wires and protects from physical damage. We are offering these in several different sizes and in customized forms.

Aluminium Raceways


  • With snap-together aluminum extrusions
  • Field installed divider created dual wiring channels
  • Accommodates most electrical wiring devices
  • Easily mounts on walls or bench tops
  • Large single base channel for power or datacom cables
  • Available as removable cover, which provides easy access to wiring compartment
  • Available in several widths, heights & lengths
  • Protecting the cable from high temperature & harmful flames
  • Superior load bearing capacity
  • Attach to floor, ceiling, wall or top of rack and cabinets
  • Cost effective

Applications :

  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Industries
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Undergrounds